Letter from Sergius

Three or four years ago, Sergius was baptized by Father Onouphry at Alexander Correctional. Soon after his baptism, Sergius was moved to another prison, and has been moved several times since. Sadly, this happens all the time and our brothers in Christ are kept from the sacraments.

If you know of a priest anywhere in NC or the surrounding states that has, or might be interested in prison ministry, let me know. There is a great need all across the state and the country. We have participants in several states as well as NC.

Take part in this good work by donating toward printing and postage for the Good NewsLetter. Our donation jar is on the candle stand. Donations can also be made by credit card or check. Be sure to specify “St. Dismas Prison Ministry” and to let Mary-Jo know that a donation has been made!

Thank you for supporting this good work!

Letter from Joe

Joe is 34 and serving a life sentence that started 12 years ago. He went into foster care at 10 years of age and his foster father has stuck with him through thick and thin. He visits him, and sends him a few dollars each month.

Joe has been getting our Good NewsLetters for close to 10 years. When he was at AxCI he attended meetings with Father Onouphry, and he knows several others in the group. But he is alone at this new camp. He has had immense struggles.

I can’t help but feel blessed that Joe reaches out to our prison ministry and asks for the prayers of our church community. Please support this good work with a donation toward printing and postage, and keep our participants, like Joe, in your prayers.