Trip to Tube World

Do you have cabin fever yet? We’re taking a trip to TubeWorld in Maggie Valley February 10th for the 12:00 session. This event is open to all St. Nicholas parishioners and anybody else who might be interested in a really good time. Some of us went there today the snow is high and the tubes were fast. You can find more information about Tube World here.

Contact John Cummings, Reader Abraham or Reader Aidan for details. We’re working on transportation and there is some money available to help you if you are in need. Otherwise, it’s $25.00 per person.

New schedule, Nativity Services and News

Full Nativity schedule and new weekly schedule

This Weekend is Nativity!

Come and celebrate the birth of Christ at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. Our service schedule is Friday morning (1/6) at 7:00AM for Royal Hours, this Saturday night (1/6) at 6:30PM for Vigil and Sunday morning (1/7) at 9:40AM for Divine Liturgy. Afterwards we will break the fast with a festive pot-luck meal!

NEWS UPDATE: A new schedule for 2018 starts this week with Tuesday night Compline in Waynesville at the Cumming’s house and Wednesday night Vespers starts back up in Fletcher in the Church. As always, check our calendar on the front page of the website for any last-minute changes.

Trapiza help needed!

At this time, we have a real need for people to help out and commit to a trapeza team. If you are a regular at trapeza and enjoy it week after week, please consider getting involved in a team. The food doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, and if the team members communicate, a well-planned meal with plenty of variety can be had. Also, if someone isn’t able to bring food, at least commit to be part of a team and help with the clean up. Please email John Cummings at [email protected] or catch him at Church and let him know that you’ll be willing to commit. Brush off those cooking and dishwashing skills and let him know when you can help.

New Bookstore for 2018

Thanks to Tabitha and Ignatius, our bookstore is restocked and redesigned! Come and see our new selection of books, icons and other items.

New Website for 2018

Thanks to Samuel, we finally have an updated website that has everything from daily scripture readings, parish news, full service schedule, past sermons, pictures and recordings of our choir. This website will continue to develop over the next few weeks.

Building Project 2018

We are well on our way to finally building our new Church! We will be adding a new section to the website soon giving updates as we progress!