Last Sunday before Lent!


Greetings in Christ!

Tomorrow is the “Forgiveness Sunday”, the final Liturgy of the season before Great Lent, which starts at 9:40AM. Tonight, Saturday evening at 6:30PM, will be Vigil with Confessions. We encourage everyone to prepare for the Lenten season by partaking in the Mystery of Confession so that we can take Holy Communion together tomorrow at the Liturgy for Forgiveness Sunday.

Our schedule for Great Lent is also on our new website where you will find our listings for important Lenten services like the Canon of St. Andrew and the evening Vesperal Liturgies of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts.

May God bless us to take full advantage of the Lenten services, and to bring our hearts to repentance on our way to the Feast of Feasts – the Resurrection of Christ, the Great and Holy Pascha!

Please Pray for Elijah

PLEASE PRAY FOR ELIJAH! He will be undergoing open heart surgery any day now.

I’m so humbled by the people I meet through this ministry. I’ve been left speechless by their humility, and earnest search for meaning. I’ve read several of Elijah’s letters in church over the years (the most recent ones are here and here), so many of you know him a little. He had been searching for God, reading the Bible, going to Bible studies; availing himself of every resource available. He knew so much but was still seeking when he found our little ministry. I sent him a picture of a group of monks and we joked how he fit right in with his long hair and beard. Orthodoxy opened a whole new world to him, and made him, a struggling sinner, feel welcome, like part of a family. He would like to be baptized and make it official.

Elijah was introduced to our ministry by Anthony, who met us though Jeremy, who learned about us through his brother Bademus, the first person we baptized in prison. That makes him 4th generation!

The men and women we meet though this work are the ones Christ came to save. They are the sinners, the lost sheep. We are blessed with this opportunity to “turn sinners back to God” just by being a friend, sharing our faith, supporting this prison ministries. In doing so, God humbles us and softens our stony hearts, helps us see Christ in our brothers and sister in prison.

May God give Elijah that new heart he is asking for, many more years on earth and , in the end, a place at His right hand. May God have mercy on us all!

God Bless you for your support and your prayers.