St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

Dear Mama Jo, Peace and Blessings! I just want to thank you sooooo much for being such a blessing & for the Church literature that you share with me through correspondence. I do learn & get a lot out of the material that you send to me; all the truths, factual truths, all of the fulfilling spiritual nourishment, aspects in other areas that many of us never knew about. So, Thank you for expressing God’s love in such a thoughtful way. I do look forward to the other and any other publications that you’re going to send and share with me. Your brother in Christ, Fernando

In our last mailing we included the Timeline of the Church. This glossy informational pamphlet was very well received by our participants. Fernando was one of many who sent a card to thank us. See his card on the bulletin board.

Take part in this good work by donating toward printing and postage. Our donation jar is on the candle stand. Donations can also be made by credit card or check. Be sure to specify “St. Dismas Prison Ministry”!
Thank you for supporting this ministry!