St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

Momma-Jo, life is fixing to change dramatically; my dad (foster-parent) was just diagnosed with cancer so I'm trying to hold myself together. ...I don't know Momma-Jo, losing Pops is going to break me. I don't know what I'm going to do. Dad's been there for everything good and bad. Since I was 10 years old dad has been everything -- my advice, my guidance, my wisdom, my rock. I mean I know that at some point and time this was going to happen but not now. Like in my head I've always seen dad living until he was 120. When he passes I don't know what I'll do. I'm already thinking crazy.... I swear Momma, I've got a stack of letters and newsletters from you. I know you care 'cause you keep writing, letters, cards, etc. You are the only mail I get. No one writes so all I have to look forward to is your letters.... Momma please keep me in your thoughts and prayers...ask the church to pray for my dad, Bruce, (don't worry about me I'm a waste) if he gets better I'm good, he's my anchor, so praying for him is praying for me.... Peace, Love, Faith, Joe

Joe is 34 and serving a life sentence that started 12 years ago. He went into foster care at 10 years of age and his foster father has stuck with him through thick and thin. He visits him, and sends him a few dollars each month.

Joe has been getting our Good NewsLetters for close to 10 years. When he was at AxCI he attended meetings with Father Onouphry, and he knows several others in the group. But he is alone at this new camp. He has had immense struggles.

I can't help but feel blessed that Joe reaches out to our prison ministry and asks for the prayers of our church community. Please support this good work with a donation toward printing and postage, and keep our participants, like Joe, in your prayers.