St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

Dear Mama-Jo, I hope this letter finds you well. I am sorry for not writing sooner, but I didn’t have any stamps and I got moved. I like this prison okay. There is a dog training program here, so I can at least pet them. there is also a cat, a flock of geese that lets us hand feed them and there is even a (poi) gold fish pond. I LOVE animals! =) … They are asking me what my “Home Plan” is going to be. I still have about 18 months to go, but they still like to have a plan in place. It has to be an approved home plan because I will have 9 months of parole. Please pray about this and help me to figure out a plan … the Church is my main way of life and I want to continue to learn and grow and need to put myself around a church community … I’ll write more later. Please take care and be safe. Write when you can. God bless you, your family and Church. Love you! Your brother in Christ, Sergius

Finding the Orthodox Faith while in prison has been an amazing experience for Sergius and many others. Orthodoxy brings to hope and purpose people in prison. Sergius, one of 6 souls baptized into the Church by our ministry, makes good use of his time in prison by keeping an extensive prayer rule.

As awful as being in prison is, the prospect of getting out and having to make it in the world can be even more frightening. Important factors for a successful reentry are having a place to live, employment, being held accountable and part of a caring family/community. Please Keep Sergius and the +-40 others on our list in your prayers.

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