St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

I remember that first Thanksgiving when Pops came to take me home--it was 1994. I was in a group home in Fletcher and he'd been coming up to visit every other weekend and he'd spend the whole day. He'd take me to the Go Carts and to play Putt Putt--things I’d never done before. Well this time he came to take me to live with him, and we were going to Thanksgiving at Heather's house. I was so scared. That’s when I met Ramona and Paul, Scott and Holly and Paul--there were 2 Pauls. Yeah, I was scared, but it was wonderful, the most wonderful day ever! I don't know what I’ll do without my Pops.

We’ve been praying for Joseph and his foster father, Bruce Morton, who was struggling with cancer. Joe called me this past Thursday evening. He was really worried because a prison employee had casually said, “You won’t be allowed to go to no wake ‘cause you’re not blood related”. Joe was confused. He thought that perhaps the family was planning ahead for when the time came because “it couldn’t have happened so soon, could it?” He was hoping against hope to see his Pops one more time and technically, because Bruce was his Guardian, Joe should have been able to go, but there would have been a lot of red tape.

While Joe was on the phone, I looked online and found the obituary; Bruce had passed on Sunday the 4th; four days had already past! By the grace of God, I was able to break the news and be there for him for the rest of our 10-minute prison-service call. I read him the obituary and it said that memorial donations should be sent to foster care and adoption service providers.  “That was Pops, always thinking about us kids!”

I told Joe how we say, “Memory Eternal”, and keep a person’s memory alive by celebrating the anniversary of their birth into Eternal Life. In the last minutes of the call, I asked Joe to share a memory. As he started, a computerized voice interrupted, saying “You have 60 seconds left for this call”. Then, half way through, “you have 30 seconds left for this call".

Please pray for Joseph and for the repose of his “Pops”, Bruce Morton.

(April 10, 1938- March 4, 2018)