St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

About the Prison Ministry

St. Dismas Prison Ministry

I was naked and you clothed Me;
I was sick and you visited Me;
I was in prison and you came to Me.

Saint Dismas Orthodox Prison Ministry is a labour of love, sharing hope and the life-changing teachings of the Orthodox Faith with people in prison. This ministry began with one priest and one parishioner trying to reach one troubled young man. From that one, the ministry grew organically through recommendations by participants on the inside or someone Orthodox on the outside; everyone in the group is connected in some way.

We have a treasure in our Orthodox faith. People in prison are amazed when they hear about a thief and a murder who became a saint, or that salvation isn’t something that happens overnight, that it’s for everyone but you have to want it and fight for it. Orthodoxy makes sense when nothing else does and it gives time a purpose.

Father holds meetings at one prison and “Mama-Jo” sends a monthly Good-NewsLetter to people all across NC and the US. A handful of parishioners have become pen pals with established participants. Others join the effort by writing a few words and signing cards for birthdays or holy days, a simple act of kindness that means more than one could possibly imagine.

I am immeasurably blessed to count as friends the dozens of people I have met through this ministry and to be the beneficiary of their prayers. You can share in the blessing of “visiting Christ in prison” by donating toward printing, postage, and other expenses, donating books on the faith, Psalters, Orthodox Study Bibles, and by praying for our participants. If you’re interested, ask about becoming a pen pal or sponsor for someone’s baptism. If God wills, we also would like to build an after-care/half-way house for parolees.

Thank you for your interest! The unworthy sinner,


PS: We encourage participation in the Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (OCPM) and recommend their Correspondence Catechism Course to all our participants. We also try to find local clergy and churches to share the blessing of prison ministry.