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Prison Ministry Workshop 2019

The Promise of God

Thanksgiving Promise

I’ve been so busy with family, work, church, and planning a prison ministry workshop that I’ve been slack in my day to day prison ministry efforts, like letter writing. I was going to skip sending a Thanksgiving card this month and haven’t even started on the November December Good-Newsletter. Then I got this letter from Elijah and, well, I let you read it for yourself.

Sometimes we think what we do doesn’t matter, but it does. Every prayer, every pocket full of change tossed into our donation jar, every signature on a birthday card is, as Elijah says, “part of this promise from God” Thank you for your support!

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The Ultimate Test

Prison Ministry Good-Newsletter

Letter from Marvin

Marvin is new to the group. He started reading the GNL a good while back, getting copies from another participant. When his friend was relocated to another facility, Marvin wrote me and asked to be put on our list; he wanted to continue to get the Good-NewsLetter. We exchanged a few personal letters and I find him to be sincerely seeking truth and friendship.

Being new, he’s still worried about bothering me in my busy life and is apologetic for the intrusion. Nevertheless, he seizes the opportunity to ask for prayer for his daughter, ask burning questions about faith, and reach out for help getting information.   Reading his letter, can you see how it would be easy for anyone, even you, to answer him? this is how personal prison ministry begins!

Lives are changed (including our own) when we take a leap of faith and reach out to one person in prison! If you would like to write to Marvin, send him a book on the history of Christianity and perhaps do a little research on programs for people in prison, send me an email at [email protected] and let’s get you started!

Please add Marvin and Aleiya to your prayer list and remember them daily. Thank you!

Join us in prayer + action for Christ!

This Weekend: Hierarchical Services

This week was the start of the Diaconate Boot Camp hosted by our parish and we are concluding the conference with the Hierarchical services of All Night Vigil and Divine Liturgy this weekend.

Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan, Archpriest Andre Papkov and Protodeacon Vadim Gan will be joined by our visiting clergy attending the conference.

Saturday evening, after the All Night Vigil, we will be hosting a banquette at 8:00PM to raise funds for the new temple for our parish. The cost is $10 a plate with both meat and vegetarian options.

Come and meet the Bishop, visiting clergy and students!




Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, May 5th, 5:00PM – Hierarchical All Night Vigil w/confessions. PLEASE NOTE EARLY TIME

Saturday, May 5th, 8:00PM – Banquette Fund-raiser Dinner.

Sunday, May 6th, 9:00AM – Hierarchical Divine Liturgy.

Sunday, May 6th, 12:30PM – Lunch

Prison Ministry Good-Newsletter